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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I can dream, can't I?

April 1st...April Fool's Day. The weather in Central New York was warmer than usual as it has been all winter. Across my Facebook feed comes a video of a recipe for Boozy Sherbet Punch:

Looks refreshingly delicious. I could picture myself sitting on my deck, swinging on the porch swing my son gifted me for my birthday last year, lost in whatever needlework project that I picked up from my many WIPs (works in progress).

Ah, but April Fool's came late in my hometown shattering my dreams. On April 3rd, the snows came with a flurry of white as though it was the middle of January. Ironically, local schools were closed on Monday after having an extra vacation day on March 28th because they didn't use their "snow days" yet.

Looking out my kitchen window today, it would seem that my dreams may have to wait for a few more days or weeks:

My deck and porch swing are covered in snow and it is down right cold out there.

If you would like the recipe for Boozy Sherbet Punch, here is the link!

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