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Monday, October 31, 2016

FREE Pattern for crochet angel ornament..

I recently saw a link for a free angel pattern on my Facebook feed. The pattern is super easy (only four (4) rows of crochet); you could easily make several in an afternoon.

Here are two angels I made yesterday (I haven't blocked them yet). The white one on the left is made using Knit-cro-sheen which is a size 10 thread. That made an angel that is about 2 inches. The blue one on the right is made using Premier Cotton Fair, a size 2 cotton yarn. With that yarn I was able to get an angel that is about 3 inches which will match the size of my crocheted snowflakes so I will continue to use the Cotton Fair yarn for the rest of my angels.

Every year I decorate a 6 1/2 ft. tree in my entry way with icicles and snowflakes (just one of many trees I decorate...I love Christmas!). These angels will make a beautiful addition to that tree.

The free pattern is available from Kim Guzman at Crochet Kim.

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